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Daenamugol Bokbunja-ju 16%
Daenamugol Bokbunja-ju 16%

■ Made of bokbunja cultivated in clean area of Damyang.
■ Designated farmer’s liquor taking into account direct transactions of raw ingredients with farmers.
■ Rich in flavor and fragrance because only pure bokbunja used for ingredients.
■ Contained in simply designed glass bottles, making your feel the high-grade touch.

> Specification

- Alcohol content is 16%
- Key ingredients : 100% undiluted liquid of bokbujja domestically cultivated.
- Classification : Fruit liquor
- Volume : 375 ㎖
- Alcohol content is 18%
- Container : Glass bottle
- Product package : 4 bottles or 12 bottle per package
- Circulation period : As particularly described

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